Dr. Ramatu Abubakar, HOD

                                                             FAMILY MEDICINE

Our essential role in Family Medicine is maintaining the continuity and coordination of patient care. Our principles focus on the patient-doctor relationship, the ability of skilled family doctors to provide ongoing care, and their ability to be a resource to patients in the community.

Unlike other medical specialists who focus on a specific type of disease or a particular part of the body, family medicine practitioners provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages and genders through all stages of life.

General Out – Patient Department serves as a point of entry for all patients both old and new.


  • For new patients, folders are obtained from the Record Unit of the General Out – Patient Department, while the old patients’ folders are retrieved from the Central Library. NHIS client folders are retrieved from the NHIS Unit which is located right inside the General Out – Patient hall..
  • Cases for Consultant Family Physician have to be booked specifically for them.
  • Consultations: – These include seeing all patients that come to the General Outpatient Clinic (GOPC), both new and old patients.
  • Seeing all NHIS patients rendering capitation services to the clients and some fee – for – services by the Family Physicians.
  • Referring patients that need specialist care.
  • Triaging and resuscitating Accident and Emergency Unit cases at the Accident and Emergency Unit (A & E).


Our clinic days are from Monday to Friday including Saturday and Sunday which are being covered by doctors on – call.

The clinic is divided into two sessions:

  • Morning Session:-  This session begins by 8am and ends by 2pm, during this session, doctors will see all the patients that come to General Outpatient Clinic including NHIS clients.
  • Afternoon Session:- This commences by 2pm, during this session  the Doctor on – call will attend to patients till 6pm to ensure good coverage.

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