The Pre-Admission Clinic provides a pre-operative assessment for patients (adults and children) requiring surgery. The purpose is to ensure patients are well prepared for their surgery or procedure.

Patient appointments are booked by the Medical Record Department before an operation or procedure. In some cases this booking may be a day, a week or a month before the date of the operation. The pre-admission clinic visit will take from one to three hours depending on the type of preparation required. Any required blood tests, cardiograms or X-rays may be done at this time or sometimes a second appointment is necessary. As well, patients will receive education about their surgery and are encouraged to bring a family member or friend to the appointment.

At the clinic patients may experience any number of the following activities:

  • The nurse will ask the patient questions about their health.
  • Teaching about the operation or procedure, what will happen and what are the important things patients need to know.
  • Discuss the care that the patient will experience before and during hospitalization.
  • Instructions regarding medication (if any) and its use before surgery.
  • Blood tests, x-rays or electrocardiogram.
  • Consultation with a medical specialist such as an anesthetist etc.


Entry Into The Wards: Following assessment in the clinics or any of our emergency points, you will be admitted into the ward as directed by the doctor.  Also those who have undergone surgical operation in our theatres or delivered of babies in the Labour Ward are transferred directly to the wards often after a period of recuperation in the Recovery Room/Intensive Care Unit.

Ward Admission: After the doctor recommends admission, the nurse is informed of this and he/she in turn informs the nurses in the assigned ward so they can prepare to receive you.  Thereafter you are expected to pay the necessary fees as detailed out to you by the nurse at the point of admission, following which you will be taken to the ward accompanied by a nurse.  Again, all fees can be paid at a payment-point closest to you.

While On Admission:  A few essential things are necessary for in-patient admission such as change of clothes, toiletries, etc.  We strongly encourage patients to leave valuables at home because BDTH will not be held responsible for loss of any item while on an admission.  To avoid accidental disposal, do not leave personal items on the food or medicine tray.  Self-administered medications are not allowed while on admission.  Hand over all your medications to the nurses who will then administer them and document as instructed by the doctors. Use of electrical appliances such as pressing iron, electric kettles or boiling rings are not allowed.

Visiting Hours: General visiting hours are normally from 4pm to 6p.m day.  Visitors are discouraged from loitering around or sleeping on the staircase.  Please comply strictly with our visiting policy in order to avoid embarrassment.

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